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The Club had its beginning in 1923. From what has been learned, curling took place on a single sheet of ice at a local skating rink until the current clubhouse was erected. On the inside cover of a scribbler containing the earliest club minutes available (1935-1936) the following annotations were made.

"Club organized in 1923."
"New building erected in 1931."
"Annual meeting - second Monday in November."

According to historical documents, the following members were among the original 24 charter members.

H.B. Hicks E.A. Hicks G.O. Theis
A.F. Little F.E. Bath V.A. Lloyd
R.V. Arnold J.P. Orlando F.H. Beattie
H.S. Magee A. Charlton J.A. Myers
F.R. Fay A.B. MacKenzie M.C. Foster
C.B. Longmire J.I. Foster A.F. Hiltz
E.R. Orlando A.F. Hiltz J.S. Moses

Though not a charter member, Judge K.L. Crowell joined the Club, as a card playing member, soon after the Club was organized. The Judge recalls that the Club founders arranged to use a sheet of ice along the south side of the old skating rink. A board walk seperated the curling section from the skating and hockey areas. A room was provided at the Rink for the use of the curlers.

At the time of its inception, the Bridgetown Club was the only Club between Yarmouth and Windsor.

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